ChannelAdvisor Australia Holding Catalyst, for Multi-Channel eCommerce Strategies

For the first time, ChannelAdvisor is holding a Catalyst event in Australia, following the launch of their Australian office last year.

I haven’t been to a Catalyst before, but by all accounts they are well worth going if you want some good analysis of the online retail marketplace, and a chance to network with lots of other sellers looking to improve their online businesses.

Another bonus is it will be held at the Sunshine Coast, great place to visit if you haven’t been there before.

The Australian even page doesn’t have much detail on it yet, but from what I hear there will be a great selection of speakers and sessions getting announced soon.

if you are curious, take a look at the session, speaker and sponsor information for the next US event, it will give you a good idea about what will transpire. Likeminded sellers, I will see in at the Sunshine Coast in July!

Using Tag Clouds In Your Natural Search Strategy

I recently launched a new website with a friend of mine. A bit of a pet project I guess you could call it : I decided to use tag clouds to help generate natural search traffic. Can tag clouds help your website? Did they help mine?

Realestatesource is simple (initially) site devoted to Australian real estate and property news and information. We launched with about 300 articles, and since then have been publishing quite frequently (at least a few times per day).

I needed to ensure that the site was indexed well in Google, and would generate some good natural search traffic until we could effectively monetise our pages and use some PPC marketing to boost traffic (and revenue) further.

The Content Mangement System of choice was Joomla; easy to set up, easy to customise with add-on modules and components.

One of the modules available was a tag clouds module. I installed it to ensure we had more pages indexed in Google, and more traffic. So in effect, this is a short review of the ‘tag clouds’ feature and its performance for me so far. has it worked? So far yes, apart from a few small negatives…


Where to spend your marketing, eBay or Adwords?

Would you be better off shifting your eBay spend towards Adwords? This is a question that many eBay sellers may never ask of themselves, but those with online stores should do the numbers!

There are a growing number of eBay sellers who do have their own online stores either of their own software and design, or provided to them by default if they are ChannelAdvisor or Marketworks users.

If you don’t have your own store, then I certainly recommend investigating it. Other sales channels add revenue to your business, and when you have other sales channels you don’t have all of your eggs in the one eBay basket. (more…)