Want to grow your eBay business?

Want to grow your eBay business?

Then consider attending this years PeSA event in Sydney, called ‘Survive & Thrive’.

PeSA is the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance and the Australian arm is holding this year’s seller event in Sydney. Last years was a great success with hundreds otf attendees, and I think this years will be even bigger.

Tickets are $199 for attendance, and includes access to exhibitors to help you improve your business, and also speakers, workshops and more.

Last year I ran some one on one sessions with sellers (and I think we might do it this year too). It was great to meet smaller sellers looking to grow!

From the site :

The agenda is taking shape and bookings are now open for the 2009 PeSA Summit.

Register to attend today and take advantage of our earlybird price of only $199 for the FULL two day Summit.

Check last year’s feedback if you want to know if this will be worthwhile to your business. And see what exhibitors you’ll be able to vist.

Ill be up there, exhibiting our ReadytoShip shipping automation product, so if you go to the event, be sure to say hello!

PeSA Australia Summit Wrap-up

Back on deck at work this morning, following up a few people that I met at the Pesa Summit over the last few days.

It was great to meet some readers of my blog, and talk to a lot of sellers. After my panel session on Business Automation my 15 min one on one blocks with sellers were booked out very quickly. I had lots of sellers ask advice on their websites, listings and business and it was great to see so much enthusiasm.

As Jonathon Garriss pointed out during one of the sessions, he doesnt know it all and neither do I. But it is great to chare experience and we always learn.

Every time I catch up with some of my peer sellers we always learn things too. You will never hear of Paul from visiting a conference like this and walking away saying he didn’t learn something to go back to his business and implement, for example. I learnt a lot too.

Day two of the summit had some great material. I was particularly fascinated by Tom O’Toole (of Beechworth Bakery fame). He is a very energetic and passionate speaker!

Other sessions included copywriting and headline skills which was very interesting. Direct marketing has a lot of common ground with eBay listings and advertisements. A lot to learn.

I also had a lot of people ask about our new product ReadytoShip which was great, and also got some great feedback on some other areas that sellers find frustrating and time consuming that we are working on fixing. But I will post more about that shortly!

PeSA Australia Summit Day 1

I just got home from the PeSA Australia summit, Navigating Success for Change.

A good turnout with close to 300 signups,s to the Flemington staff were kept busy with coffee and snacks during breaks.

Keynote this morning was from Jonathan Garriss (of Gotham City Online) who has flown in from the US and talked about current opportunity in eCommerce. He had some interesting facts to get everyone motivated and keep things in perspective. eCommerce is growing at 15% pa, traditional commerce is +/-3% pa.

There is a massive and more importantly growing marketplace to find opportunity in.

The ‘Navigating Change for Success’ tagline for the event was followed up with some discussion on change and opportunity. Jonathon is always a good speaker, with some great sites, technology and processes in his business that give him some good credibility.

Some of us more experienced eBay sellers also got the chance to spend some one on one time with sellers and talk about their ebay listings, stores and strategies which was interesting. I had quite a range of sellers talk to me today, from very small turnover sellers to quite large ones.

The attitude today was very positive. Simon Smith did ask that no one yell at him, and it sounds like he got his wish.

The 2 panels today were Business Automation (with Your truly, John from JJ entertainment, and Anthony of AuctionBlox), and the Top Seller panel (with Shaun from Selby Acoustics, Shayne from and Jonathon of Dinosaur Deals).

I love the chance to talk to sellers about their business. It seems that there are som many sellers out there wanting to grow that perhaps don’t even know what parts of their businesses can be improved with better tools and processes.

I think the panels were the highlight from today, based on feedback that I got. It is a great opportunity for sellers to ask questions to people who have travelled the road before them. Jonathon, Shayne and Shaun did a great job talking about some of their own businesses, challenges and strategies and answering questions.

Some brief highlights of the day

  • Simon Smith did state that they had a ‘deep regret’ about how the Paypal changes were implemented.
  • Effectively a promise that eBay Australia management would be far more active in discussing potential upcoming changes in Australia (with sellersand buyers) that are already occurring in eBay US
  • One on one sessions. Great chance to talk to sellers looking for some advice. Jonathon Garriss had quite a crowd (but he loves it:) !
  • Simon announces today that the interstitial prior to leaving a neg (advising buyers that sellers can’t leave retaliatory feedback) was being removed today.
  • Great networking opportunities with lots of other likeminded sellers.

A big day. Definitely time for some sleep.

2008 – Year of the Australian Online Retail Summit?

Summits coming up that you might be interested in attending:

“The eBay Seller Summit, by eBay sellers for eBay sellers”, June 12th

I think that one could be related to eBay? The ESS08 summit is being held in Sydney on Thursday June 12th, 2008 at the Bankstown Sports Club in Bankstown, Sydney.

This event will give an opportunity for all sellers to learn more about how to successfully sell on this ever-growing and ever-changing online platform.

* Discuss the new changes on the eBay Australia website.
* Learn how to take advantage of all the opportunities available for online sellers
* Interact with representatives from companies that complement online sales
* Solutions to take your business to the next level

Its only a one day conference, but attendance seems to be good value at $30 (+$20 for the cocktail party), with sponsors including eBay, PayPal, Australia Post, AuctionBlox, the ATO and ChannelAdvisor.

The Retail World Management & Technology Summit, June 17th – 18th

Although based more around bricks and mortar retail there are a few speakers from online retailers attending and the list of keynotes is pretty impressive including executives from Wal-Mart, Tesco, Carrefour, Myer, Harvey Norman and more. I am sure online retailers can learn a lot about retail and branding from the big B&M guys…

Check out the schedule here.

Attendance is $1,395 + GST, but the schedule and speaker list make it look like it would be an interesting few days.

ChannelAdvisor Catalyst (Australia), July 2nd to 5th

ChannelAdvisor’s first ecommerce summit in Australia is being held on the Sunshine Coast this year. Hoping for a strong turnout of sellers, ChannelAdvisor has a list of well known players in the industry attending including Scot Wingo, CEO who has a fantastic blog on eBay and online strategy and news. Always insightful.

Yours truly might be presenting some stuff there too and I am really looking forward to getting into some sunshine away from Melbourne!

Registration for the 3 days is $249.

PeSA Australia will be looking to hold more events soon too. As soon as I get some more information I will post an update.

PeSA Australia : Seller anger as eBay narrows payment options

PeSA Australia has released a press release today, in light of yesterday’s announcement from eBay Australia regarding the move to Paypal payment options on the site

Seller anger as eBay narrows payment options

Australian eBay sellers are angry at a policy change by eBay that will push transaction costs onto its sellers.

The new policy requires all sellers to accept Paypal as a payment method, whereas payment methods until now have been at the discretion of the seller.

Phil Leahy, President of the Professional eBay sellers Alliance (PeSA) said:

“PESA appreciates that eBay is focused on improving buyer activity in the marketplace. However, we believe that the current changes are at the expense of sellers in the short term. Paypal payments will reduce the friction of completing transactions, but the limitation of payment choice, higher cost of payment processing and limited real integration between eBay and Paypal far outweighs this benefit.

The change will result in increased transaction charges, as Paypal charges are higher than some other payment methods, such as bank transfers. There are also buyers for whom Paypal is not a preferred online payment method, causing concern that this change will reduce buying activity by such buyers.

The Paypal system is owned by eBay, so eBay will realise an immediate increase in its revenue. PESA says this also raises the question whether the change may be a breach of the Trade Practices Act prohibitions on anti-competitive conduct.

Mr Leahy said that eBay should be making the changes more palatable to its key customers by using this change to improve the system:

“We believe that eBay is serious about improving buyer activity and are committed to helping sellers navigate the rapidly changing marketplace.

However, as an organisation, we believe sellers would be more encouraged if eBay provided a positive impact to these changes. For example, eBay should be able to eliminate all non-paying bidders, which are a real cost to sellers. Such a change would help offset the higher costs that sellers will incur with the new policy, and could be funded by the extra volume of business eBay will push to Paypal.”

PESA has called on eBay to announce a timetable regarding fee reductions for Australian sellers, which it believes should be put in place before the new Paypal policy takes effect on June 17, 2008.