Most Online Fraud Attempts Are Easy To Spot, But What About The Rest?

Courtesy of <a href=Most online fraud is pretty easy to spot. And it seems most of the perpetrators must either be stupid, ignorant, or maybe both.

If you run an online store selling anything remotely valuable for the black market (like electronics, car parts, expensive hobby items etc) then you have no doubt received fraudulent orders from Indonesia, Russia, or Ghana. Fraudulent orders from Indonesia and orders from Ghana are the most common for us.

They are often accompanied with a message like this :

Dear sirs, please attempt to ship my items the fastest, charge my credit card and get me the gifts as soon as possible they are urgent!


John Port

Of course, these ones stand out. Along with the generic ‘hotmail’ email address and expensive items in the order they are the easy ones to pick.

But what about the fraudsters that aren’t as stupid? What about orders that don’t come from Ghana or Indonesia, for common items?

Over the past 9 years my business has seen lots of fraud attempts, some which has been quite clever. So how do you spot fraud and what tools are available to protect yourself?


Is Magento Commerce a good eCommerce solution for you?

There are been a little bit of buzz around the place about Magento Commerce.

The open source eCommerce arena has been a crowded one in the last 5 years. The big names are popular still (including stores like X-Cart, osCommerce, Zen Cart, CRE Loaded and there are more).

But Magento was mentioned to me by a potential customer a while ago. I only had a quick look at the time, but some weeks later another customer mentioned that they were looking at it.

Well, that got my attention, so what is Magento Commerce like as an eCommerce solution? It certainly looks great, and even installations ‘out of the box’ have a very slick feel to them. Certainly better than osCommerce for example. (more…)