Magento Fraud Detection Module Released Today.

3d-box2-websitenhJust a quick blog post to mark the launch of our first commercial Magento Module, the Magento Fraud Alert Module featuring MaxMind.

We had developed this for our eCommerce arm or the business to make it much easier to identify possibly fraudulent orders. Using the MaxMind minfraud services we check all available data about the order to determine a ‘fraud risk score’.

And we have managed to get a 20% discount for all new Maxmind minFraud service users, for your first purchase. So check out minFraud here!

This is then populated in the order view and order detail view for the customer service officer to look at.

It works great, has caught a lot of orders for us (some that we would have shipped, even IF our staff had looked over them).

We think for the small cost, it could really save some Magento store owners a ton of money!

Check it out here.

PS, as a special for my blog readers, use coupon code 15offx10 in checkout for a discount. First 10 readers only!

The Fast Rise of Magento Commerce

I follow Magento Commerce and it’s development rather closely. This is because on of my businesses retails online using the Magento ecommerce software and my other business leverages this knowledge (and a lot of other online retail experience) to develop Magento modules and code and shipping automation software.

I have written about some of this in my blog before, and will write a little more shortly as we release our Fraud Prevention Magento Module (using fraud screening technology from and some improvements to our shipping automation software ReadytoShip (which now supports Magento).

I have noticed a steady increase in the amount of traffic coming to this blog because of Magento keywords searches in Google. I just happen to rank fairly highly in Google for the term “Magento Performance” which is good, maybe I should write a little more about it!?

But I have also noticed a larger number of online stores in Australia either developing in Magento, or already using Magento. There are a few big brands too, like Durex and Homedics using it now too.

I did some Google searching this morning for the .au domain to see how many stores I could find built of being built in Australia and there are already over 120.

The Magento name is being searched heavily worldwide now, see Google Trends from All Regions and Australia here.

Google Search Trend all regions

Google Search Trend all regions

Compare the Magento trend to that of ‘oscommerce’.


Not a bad start for Magento Commerce down under, especially when the product is only at an early version 1 stage and there is not a huge amount of developer and designer support for it yet (although this seem to be growing as well).