Importing From China – Need Some Help?

Each day I answer emails about importing product from china. It seems that when you search in Google now for ‘Importing from china” my blog ranks pretty highly.

I have one particular buyer in China that I trust and have used for years now. He actively works with me and for me to source a few ranges of product, and I have successfully used him to source new products.

If you want to import product from China, and want to get in touch with a good agent over there to assist you, then by all means send me an email, and let me know:

  1. What you are looking to import
  2. How much of it you want to import
  3. Some detail on your existing business.

To put it simply I will see if you and my agent will be a good match, and if so I will be happy to forward some business to him.  Any extra business I can generate for him means better bargaining for myself! Win Win.

What Is The Best Product To Sell On eBay?

Often I think the hardest thing about selling on eBay is selling on eBay! What do you sell? What is the best product to sell on eBay?

f you want to make a real business or income from your eBay sales, then it makes it that much easier to sell something that you have product knowledge about.

* What hobbies do you like?
* Do you have good knowledge about particular products?
* Do you WANT to learn about a particular product?

Start by narrowing down what product groups you would be happiest selling. It can be a broad range, don’t worry about details yet.

Then you need to start narrowing the range down. Write a list of the popular products and accessories in your ‘target’ areas and use the points below to make some decisions.

Below are my top 5 considerations when choosing the best product to sell on eBay, but I saved my top 3 for last. Read on!

Want to import product from China?

Want to import product from China? Great. Do it. It isn’t that scary. But make sure you are careful when starting out.

When we looked at our eBay business and how we could make the most profit we came to one conclusion pretty quickly : we had to buy from the cheapest source, preferably the factory that made the item, or at least an agent of the factory.

So how do you start?