Does Google love you?

Does your online store have all of it’s pages indexed in Google? How do you find out?

I have been looking for an while at Google’s indexing of one of my online stores, We have over 2,000 SKUs, and a few more pages that we have created for some simple SEO efforts, but only about 1,100 pages are in Google index.

This means we won’t be attracting the traffic that we should, as customers may be searching for some of our products in Google, and our product pages won’t even exist in the index!

How do you fix this? There are some easy solutions that can make a big difference…


Where to spend your marketing, eBay or Adwords?

Would you be better off shifting your eBay spend towards Adwords? This is a question that many eBay sellers may never ask of themselves, but those with online stores should do the numbers!

There are a growing number of eBay sellers who do have their own online stores either of their own software and design, or provided to them by default if they are ChannelAdvisor or Marketworks users.

If you don’t have your own store, then I certainly recommend investigating it. Other sales channels add revenue to your business, and when you have other sales channels you don’t have all of your eggs in the one eBay basket. (more…)