eBay Australia to Allow Feedback Revision

eBay has announced a new feedback revision process to launch in the week commencing 13th October.

This has been sorely needed since they banned feedback removal a while ago, especially when there had only been some miscommunication with a customer for example, and the seller was able to provide them a satisfactory sale at the end of the day.

What will this mean? Not a great deal. You will only be able to change .5% of your feedback. Why limit it?

From eBay’s news annoucenement :

A number of changes were made to the feedback system on eBay this year, including the removal of the Mutual Feedback Withdrawal tool. Many sellers felt this left them with little option to have feedback revised or cancelled when they had rectified an issue.

This new Feedback revision tool provides sellers with an opportunity to send a Feedback revision request to a buyer.

Sellers will be able to use the Feedback revision tool if they feel a buyer should now be satisfied with the transaction (i.e. an issue was resolved) or if they believe a buyer may have accidently left incorrect Feedback in the first place.

While the Feedback revision process is initiated by a seller, buyers have the option to accept or decline a request. Only one request can be made per transaction and sellers will have a limited number or requests available within a 12 month period. We suggest that sellers get agreement from a buyer to change their Feedback before initiating the process.

Coupled with this, eBay is introducing a ‘Resolution’ centre (note the change from the ‘Dispute’ terminology – a smart move).

Lets hope that they Resolution Centre is somehow tied into the negative feedback process to help resolve issues first, rather than letting the current ‘shoot from the hip customers’ leave feedback first…

5 Tips to Get Useful Feedback From Your Customers

Getting customer feedback/testimonials/complaints can really help you identify what parts of your business are working well and what needs attention.

We recently implemented a free feedback service on one of our online fishing  stores, and the information we have received has been quite valuable.

People have given us testimonials which we can use on the store to boost buyer confidence. We have received constructive criticism, helpful hints and some product range ideas too. And (I must admit a little to my surprise) we haven’t been abused at all!

So, here are 5 good tips of mine to get some really useful customer feedback : (more…)

My Personal Experience with the Feedback Changes

OK, so the feedback system on has now rolled out.

The world is taking notice too, with some heated discussion on Ina’s blog AuctionBytes, and I am sure elsewhere too.

Let me start by saying it’s never going to be a perfect system. Of course there was always going to be opportunity to abuse the system, by using feedback extortion or other pressures, retaliatory feedback and so on.

But to now count a neutral as a negative? I find that a bit hard to swallow.


Has Your Feedback Score Worsened Recently?

If your eBay seller feedback score has dropped, don’t be too alarmed as many other sellers will notice the same thing in Australia.

eBay has just rolled out their feedback changes, now counting neutrals ‘as negatives’ when calculating your feedback, and ignoring feedback older than 12 months.

See the full list of changes here.

Most of our account ratings have fallen a little, and I did some quick checks of other sellers around too. Most others have fallen too.

There will be plenty of sellers concerned now that they are unable to leave negatives for buyers. With a popup box appearing on the Australian eBay site now stating

Buyers, you can no longer receive negative or neutral Feedback from sellers. You should leave honest and accurate Feedback without the fear of receiving negative or neutral ratings

will buyers leave more negatives from before, hurting feedback ratings even more?

I know this change is designed to reduce retaliatory feedback from sellers, but I have seen so few instances of this that I can’t believe it is that large a problem.

Here is a tool to compare your feedback in old and ‘new’ system courtesy of AuctionBytes.

Also of course, Mutual Feedback Withdrawal is now no longer an option.

After much consideration, we’ve made the decision to remove the Mutual Feedback Withdrawal process. The reason is that – under the new rules – it opens sellers up to extortion. As part of this decision, Mutual Agreement from third-party Feedback mediation services, such as SquareTrade, will also no longer be accepted.

The marketplace continues to change in some big ways … I notice even eBay describe them as ‘bold changes’.