signs sponsorship deal with Netball Australia

I noticed this little bit of news this evening :

Netball Australia has signed a sponsorship deal with online department store, The new, two-year sponsorship makes one of three Gold Sponsors of Netball Australia, along with Holden and San Remo. will support Netball Australia’s online membership portal, MyNetball, the Holden Netball Test Series and will take up naming rights of the National Netball Championships.

Naming rights is a great way to get exposure to a demographic that must obviously be strong with them – females.

I can’t remember hearing of another online pureplay ecommerce business securing naming rights sponsorship to any series like this before? Maybe I am wrong? (If so, please let me know!)

It really is an interesting move, and like any foray into ‘offline’ advertising I am guessing it will be a bit of a test (although they would have to be fairly confident of results, the sponsorship deal wouldn’t be cheap). Other pureplays like have been using TV ads, and radio, perhaps with reasonable success as they continue to use those mediums. DealsDirect also tried a little TV, but Paul Greenberg, co-founder, wasn’t jumping for joy about the results the last time I asked him. ‘Too hard to measure effectively’ was the summary of his response.

Lets hope Netball is a little more targeted, and a good ROI for them.

Online Retailer 2009 in Sydney – the State of Online Retail in Australia

I just got back from Online Retailer in Sydney. It was the first event of it’s type in Australia, attracting over 2500 attendees and a good number of exhibitors.

I had opportunity to talk to many of the attendees, catch up with many other online retailers and also interviewed people like Armand , VP of Global Sales at Verisign and Jeff and Bobby Beaver, founders of

What I really wanted to find out was the level of interest in online retailer from some of the bigger bricks and mortar retailers (did they attend?), and the opinions form exhibitors as to the mix of attendees there.

What I discovered was interesting,  and exciting for the industry.

(more…) acquires, Australia’s largest online retailer has announced the acquisition of

I suspected we might see some form of consolidation in the online space this year, and there could be more to come in future, although the press release indicates that perhaps you need some special business qualities to encourage an acquisition to take place. I fear that there are too many copycat sites in the market that aren’t unique enough, or don’t have enough special qualities in their makeup to put themselves in a great position for future purchase.

In any case, here is the full press release (provided courtesy of Chris Hitchen of Getprice, (more…)