Does your business fulfill ALL it’s promises?

SheepI had a short holiday to New Zealand the other week. A time to relax a little, spend some time with family and count sheep.

Recently my business life and thought process has been influenced a lot more by the consulting we do these days, and my Directshop business is getting more involved in consulting and development for online retailers so it is with this mindset that I start to view other businesses in the world.

I look, think, collect ideas and try to process these thoughts into something constructive to apply to my own business, or maybe yours.

I felt compelled to write a post about Jucy Car Rentals. they are a New Zealand car rental business that specialise in renting slightly older vehicles. I admire the model, and their marketing strategy is all about fun. Their promise seemed good… (more…)

My Best Tips For Improving Your eBay DSRs

If you are an eBay seller, Detailed Seller Ratings are going to become pretty important very soon.
eBay are introducing a raft of changes under new leadership including Finding changes (search), fee changes and more.

Detailed Seller Ratings are going to matter to you. If you haven’t been concerned about your ratings, and you take your business income on eBay seriously, then please read on as poor DSRs may have a real impact on your bottom line.

dsr.gifeBay plans to change the way products are displayed in search by using DSR ratings to weight search results. What does this mean? It means if you have low DSR ratings for your account, your items (even if they may appear more relevant based on the keywords in your titles ) may appear BELOW many of your competitors because of your DSR scores.

Also, eBay US sellers will now likely get volume discounts, and these discount rates on your fees are tiered against DSRs.

So, how you to improve your DSR ratings, to enable better item visibility in eBay and get some listing discounts? Here are my top tips for improving your DSR rating…