Sourcing/Importing From China – Which Method Is Best For You?

Canton FairWhen importing from China, you must decide how you want to deal with the Chinese. Do you want to find a Chinese buying agent to work on your behalf, or do you want to ‘skip’ the middle man and enquire directly with trading companies and factories yourself?

Ultimately, there are advantages to both, but also some pitfalls that can catch you out.

Importing from China is not often a simple task. Finding the right supplier(s) is one of the hardest things you will do for your importing business and the most crucial. Without a reliable trustworthy supplier sending you correctly manufactured products to your quality specification, on time and without issue, can be very important.

Here is a rundown on the options you may have when sourcing/importing product from China.


Want to import product from China?

Want to import product from China? Great. Do it. It isn’t that scary. But make sure you are careful when starting out.

When we looked at our eBay business and how we could make the most profit we came to one conclusion pretty quickly : we had to buy from the cheapest source, preferably the factory that made the item, or at least an agent of the factory.

So how do you start?