Importing From China – Need Some Help?

Each day I answer emails about importing product from china. It seems that when you search in Google now for ‘Importing from china” my blog ranks pretty highly.

I have one particular buyer in China that I trust and have used for years now. He actively works with me and for me to source a few ranges of product, and I have successfully used him to source new products.

If you want to import product from China, and want to get in touch with a good agent over there to assist you, then by all means send me an email, and let me know:

  1. What you are looking to import
  2. How much of it you want to import
  3. Some detail on your existing business.

To put it simply I will see if you and my agent will be a good match, and if so I will be happy to forward some business to him.  Any extra business I can generate for him means better bargaining for myself! Win Win.