eBay to Phase Out 3rd Party Checkout

eBay annouced that it is to phase out 3rd party checkout.

This is a move that will impact many thousands of (usually large) eBay sellers.

It will affect us, as we use ChannelAdvisor, as do many larger sellers. ChannelAdvisor’s main markets are US and UK, and they have some very big eBay sellers using their systems.

For us, ChannelAdvisor offers the ability to:

  • manage inventory and SKUS
  • manage listings/ads templates
  • automatically schedule and maintain ads in eBay (and soon, Trading Post)
  • capture customers
  • upsell on checkout
  • sell into other channels like, Getprice
  • have an online store

I was thinking about how the eBay decision to remove 3rd party checkout would affect us.

We don’t get too many upsells in checkout (where a customer can add another item to their sale on the way through payment) so there will be little impact there.

One thing it will stop is the ability to capture customers from eBay. We offer newsletter signup on the way through checkout (which can be incentivised if you like), and also promote the ability to visit our online store to buy from a wider range of items. eBay customers are not easy to convert. They tend to like shopping on eBay, and buying at auction.

Both of these things, although not contributing greatly immediately, offer some long term benefit as you grow a customer base. And you can pick up eBay customers in your mailing list and get them to buy direct. Many sellers do it, and if you aren’t you should be.

All this decision does is provide us even more incentive to grow our business outside of eBay, in more cost effective sales channels. We have received some sales from auctions already, and although the turnover is slow there at the moment the cost of sale is very appealing. – Another Australian Auction Site

Looking for aAnother Australian auction site to check out,

So, what is it like?

First impression is : What the heck does that name mean?! Xoobie is a wierd one. BUt these days, names for products are either going to be descriptive, or bizarre and hopefully catchy and memorable. What is Xoobie? Its bizarre alright, but catchy and memorable? That depends on how big they get I think…


Sensis’ Tradingpost Launches Auction Site To Compete With eBay!

This morning has become the newest Australian auction site, to compete head on with eBay Australia. (owned by Sensis) is a strong brand name with Australians and been around for many years as a classifieds print publication, and for some time now a website too.

I have never much liked the search and display results (the whole site needed a pretty major rework to be honest) and they have certainly done that now!

The tradingpost auctions site has been a long time in the making, obviously. So, what can we see from this site change this morning?


In summary,

  • free to list!
  • bold titles $1.95
  • Short desc (shown in search) 50c

Free listings (quantity of listings will be limited by previous month’s sales) will be a big draw card for sellers. Apparently the Traderpro application from trading post will accept turbo lister data (although at the moment it isn’t working too well).

More feed details here.

First Impressions

The site is good rework from the ‘old’ tradingpost, with a lighter look and an interface that isn’t quite as clumsy. It still takes a few too many clicks to see ‘listings’, but that might change.

Search seems to be improved a little.

There are very few auctions yet, this will take some time, and the site is extremely slow (probably getting quite a lot of curious traffic today!) so they will need to work on that before the ‘official’ launch.

Will it work?

Only time will tell. Tradingpost claim 2 million visitors per month, but are not known for auctions or as a place to buy from larger sellers (tradingpost has always been home of the single classified listing from individual sellers, with a strong focus on used vehicles).

What I do know is Sensis has planned a large advertising budget for this site, and with the current sentiments of eBay sellers due to eBay Australia’s PayPal only decision and other feedback changes there could be a large influx of listings from businesses keen to spread their eggs around.

But will there be enough buyers? Lets hope so.

In other news, eBay announced recently that starting yesterday they are offering half price insertion fees for 10 days