Woopra – Sounds wierd, but it’s addictive!

What the hell is Woopra? That’s exactly what I thought when I first heard the name.

(BTW, What is it with Web 2.0 products and brands seeming to require some sort of zany name? Bing? Woopra? Or make your own name)

Anyway, Woopra is basically a real time analytics tool much like Google Analytics though with a different twist.

Getting an account and setting up is easy, and they have a very flash dashboard enabling you to see in real time who is browsing your site, where they came from (and what they typed in a search to find you) and much more.

In fact, you can even start a conversation with a user as they browse around (but would that scare you if you were the user? It would totally freak me out if a conversation box popped up and said ‘so, why didn’t you finish reading my article, huh!?)

I don’t think you get a lot more user intelligence than a package like Analytics, but the ability to see how your users interact with the site, the popular incoming search terms for the day and some custom reporting makes it worth having a look at.

That, and I just love stats. Watching them live can be addictive.

Woopra dashboard

Woopra dashboard


The traffic is coming, but why aren’t they buying?

It strikes me that many website owners out there concerned with conversion rates don’t spend enough time understanding the visitors to our websites.

I have definitely been guilty of that. Maybe you are too?

eCommerce Conversion RatesIf you think about it, I am sure you would would agree with me too. We should spend more time really understanding our offerings and whether they align with what our visitors are looking for.

Why did that person spend so long adding items to a cart, starting checkout but disappear?!

If you could boost your conversion rate by 25%, what would that do for your bottom line?