Buy the Making Money on eBay for Dummies Book, by Nathan Huppatz

I am the Author of the book Making Money on eBay for Dummies Australia Edition, released late 2011.

The book covers  all you need to know to sell on eBay, whether you are a beginner or a somewhat experienced seller.

I have sold on eBay in Australia since 2004 and turned over millions of dollars per annum. I have run over 5 eBay businesses, sold two, and still run a couple today.

Our latest business started on eBay in 2010 and has now grown to be the leading online costume store in Australia, growing at over 200% per annum.

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Making Money on eBay For Dummies is a truly comprehensive and up-to-date Australian guide to eBay, covering everything from setting up an eBay seller account, starting a business, growing the business and maximising profits by streamlining shipping.

The book begins by helping the reader decide if eBay is the right channel for their business, and then walks them through the basics of setting up a seller account and getting started with auctions. Readers are shown how to research their market and analyse similar sellers already in the eBay marketplace, in the same way any responsible business would analyse their competition.

Making Money on eBay For Dummies will help eBay sellers of all experience levels improve their sales and streamline their processes to obtain a healthy profit margin. It provides a long term reference tool for readers to turn to repeatedly as their businesses develop.

Key Features

  • Advanced selling tips to help eBay sellers get the highest possible price for their items
  • Cool tools for improving the efficiency of your eBay business, from tools to help manage your transaction to ingenious shipping solutions
  • Advice on dealing with eBay paperwork and making sure you’re fulfilling your obligations to the tax man
  • Troubleshooting tips for when auctions fizzle or buyers don’t pay
  • Tips for presenting your items in the best possible light using great photography and other helpful tools
  • Hints for staying safe on eBay and protecting your livelihood
  • About the Author

Nathan Huppatz, an eBay Top Rated Seller, runs several eBay and online businesses. He writes automation software for eBay sellers, develops websites and speaks on eBay and e-commerce retailing.

Marsha Collier is a world-renowned eBay expert, sought-after speaker and best-selling author on eBay topics.

Part I: Forget the Mall: Getting a Feel for eBay 7

Chapter 1: Why eBay Is a Terrific Place to Sell 9

Chapter 2: The Bucks Start Here: Signing Up at eBay 19

Chapter 3: Getting to Know Your Marketplace 29

Chapter 4: My Own Private eBay 43

Part II: Are You Selling What They’re Buying? 67

Chapter 5: Time to Make Some Money! 69

Chapter 6: Time to Sell: Completing the Cyber Paperwork 97

Chapter 7: eBay Storefront for Rent — Great Exposure! 125

Chapter 8: Closing the Deal and Shipping It Out 133

Chapter 9: Troubleshooting Your Auction 155

Chapter 10: Using Pictures to Increase Your Profits 175

Part III: So You Wanna Get Serious? 195

Chapter 11: Tools Aren’t for Fools 197

Chapter 12: Advanced Strategies for Selling 211

Part IV: Tips, References and More! 227

Chapter 13: eBay’s Security Resources 229

Chapter 14: Playing Nice with Other eBay Members 245

Part V: The Part of Tens 253

Chapter 15: Ten Golden Rules for eBay Sellers 255

Chapter 16: Ten eBay Success Stories 261

Appendix: Easing Your Way on eBay 269