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Learn about the latest trends in Search Engine Optimisation at our Search Marketing conversation cafe session in Melbourne (8 June 2010)

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You are  invited to attend our first  Conversation Cafe  discussion on the state of search, latest trends and how it can be used to boost traffic to your site.

The event will offer a unique chance to participate in a discussion and learn lessons from participants Teresa Sperti, Adam Griffiths and myself.

The event is designed to provide people with the opportunity to participate in a robust discussion about factors affecting the search industry, to share best practice and to discuss the latest trends.

The format of the session will largely be discussion based, aimed at allowing online retailers/multi channel retailers to share knowledge in the area of organic search engine optimization.

This round table is a collaboration between Teresa Sperti (Head of Marketing & Technology of, and owner of blog, Adam Griffiths (Get Started) and Mark Freidin and yours truly of

Discussion Topics

1.    What role is social media playing within your search strategy
2.    How is real time changing the search landscape and how is this changing your search tactics?
3.    Measurement of search in a world of personalisation
4.    How are organisations optimising for mobile search
5.    How have organisations adapted their search strategy to Bing

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Magento Commerce online store performance

We have been using Magento Commerce for about 3 or 4 months now as a new online store platform for a few of our websites.

Magento is a new product, but already growing very quickly in users and features.

We are currently ChannelAdvisor customers and had been using the standard ChannelAdvisor store for some time. We took part in the beta test group for ChannelAdvisor premium stores (which look pretty good) but we have decided to use Magento Commerce instead.

Why did we do this? Well, there are a number of good reasons…

Looking ahead at retail for 2009…

I have been spending a little time this week thinking about 2009 and retail in general.

Although I haven’t been able to speak to too many other sellers recently the ones I have spoken to are hinting at the same issues.

  1. Prices are all going up, thanks to the current exchange rate (1 Australian dollar buys .71 USD as I write this)
  2. Margin pressure will increase as retailers (online and off) try to maintain sales levels and cashflow

Consumers may not often realise how much business capital is held up in orders of stock from Chinese factories for example. And often, orders are planned (and deposits paid) many months in advance.


Is Magento Commerce a good eCommerce solution for you?

There are been a little bit of buzz around the place about Magento Commerce.

The open source eCommerce arena has been a crowded one in the last 5 years. The big names are popular still (including stores like X-Cart, osCommerce, Zen Cart, CRE Loaded and there are more).

But Magento was mentioned to me by a potential customer a while ago. I only had a quick look at the time, but some weeks later another customer mentioned that they were looking at it.

Well, that got my attention, so what is Magento Commerce like as an eCommerce solution? It certainly looks great, and even installations ‘out of the box’ have a very slick feel to them. Certainly better than osCommerce for example. (more…)

ChannelAdvisor Premium Stores – What will they be like?

We are currently part of a beta test group for ChannelAdvisor, testing their integration into a new ‘premium’ storefront.

I was pretty eager to put my hand up for this, as the old store has a lot of limitations and shortcomings. It certainly isn’t a best of breed product. Is the new premium store going to be worth the wait?


Using Tag Clouds In Your Natural Search Strategy

I recently launched a new website with a friend of mine. A bit of a pet project I guess you could call it : I decided to use tag clouds to help generate natural search traffic. Can tag clouds help your website? Did they help mine?

Realestatesource is simple (initially) site devoted to Australian real estate and property news and information. We launched with about 300 articles, and since then have been publishing quite frequently (at least a few times per day).

I needed to ensure that the site was indexed well in Google, and would generate some good natural search traffic until we could effectively monetise our pages and use some PPC marketing to boost traffic (and revenue) further.

The Content Mangement System of choice was Joomla; easy to set up, easy to customise with add-on modules and components.

One of the modules available was a tag clouds module. I installed it to ensure we had more pages indexed in Google, and more traffic. So in effect, this is a short review of the ‘tag clouds’ feature and its performance for me so far. has it worked? So far yes, apart from a few small negatives…