eBay Australia Pricing Changes – a Positive Move!

eBay this morning released some news regarding their upcoming pricing chances.  In summary, no changes will be made to auction fees but store fees and insertion/final value fees will change.

Also, store listings will again appear in core search (mixed in with auction listings) using Bestmatch, eBay’s search algorithm in use in various ways around the world.

eBay’s pricing change information is here : Changes to stores and search on eBay.com.au

and they have a nice section for sellers on what is changing, and how to change with it here : The Big News

Also, PeSA Australia released a statement about these changes this morning, and I have included it below :


Looking ahead at retail for 2009…

I have been spending a little time this week thinking about 2009 and retail in general.

Although I haven’t been able to speak to too many other sellers recently the ones I have spoken to are hinting at the same issues.

  1. Prices are all going up, thanks to the current exchange rate (1 Australian dollar buys .71 USD as I write this)
  2. Margin pressure will increase as retailers (online and off) try to maintain sales levels and cashflow

Consumers may not often realise how much business capital is held up in orders of stock from Chinese factories for example. And often, orders are planned (and deposits paid) many months in advance.


Trading Post Auctions – Initial Feedback

Trading Post launched their auctions 2 days ago now. Since then I have spoken to lots of sellers, from small to very large. What do they think fo Tradingpost Auctions so far? Will they list?

There are a number of Powersellers already listing hundreds of products. I haven’t heard of many sales yet, but there is some promise. We have manually listed a few items to test the water as well, and have received a good number of visits, watchers and bids too.

At the moment though, it is a bit of a painful process as TradingPosts’s TraderPro application is still being tweaked to work properly. (more…)