Release : ChannelAdvisor Catalyst Conference Coming Soon!

I got sent this press release information from ChannelAdvisor today regarding their upcoming conference at the Sunshine Coast in July. The early bird discount rate is nearly over, so if you are considering attending to learn more about online business, how to grow and improve it then you might like to consider attending.

Yours truly will be attending (I will be sitting on one of the panels), along with many sellers that I know. It should be a great conference with a lot of fun networking. It would be great to see some of you there!

Press release below:

ChannelAdvisor is about to hold our first Asia/pacific major conference aimed at the top online retailers in the Asia Pacific Region July 2-5. Around 400 of the top online retailers from over 10 countries will descend on Twin Waters for three days of intensive networking, top speakers and international strategy.

ChannelAdvisor (US) hosted their second annual Catalyst conference this past April. Previously, ChannelAdvisor hosted two annual conferences, ChannelAdvisor Marathon in the spring and ChannelAdvisor Summit in the fall. Catalyst is a combination of those two conferences, focusing on the needs of retailers of all sizes. After seeing the success that has come from the US Catalyst conference, ChannelAdvisor AU has decided to bring the Catalyst conference to our online retailers.

Catalyst is a fantastic opportunity for online retailers of all sizes who are looking for strategic and tactical information to grow and take their online businesses to the next level. Comparison shopping, search marketing, fraud management, alternative payment vendors, and multichannel management experts will be presenting real-time actionable information.

  • Registration is only $199 and includes:
  • All Conference sessions
  • Lunches, Dinners, Receptions, and Refreshments throughout the day
  • Golf tournament with Awards luncheon
  • Welcome gifts and sponsor gifts

Bring the family! Spouses and business partners are welcome to attend all conference sessions with paid registration. Childcare will be provided by Club Dolfi and paid for by ChannelAdvisor!

Representatives from ChannelAdvisor, Trading Post, eBay, PayPal,, and GetPrice will be in attendance and will be available for one-on-one discussions in addition to their keynote sessions.

The ability to network with other sellers, buyers and industry experts will prove invaluable to the success of your business.

Registration is $199 until May 15 and includes FREE golf with lunch at Pacific Harbour Golf and Country Club.

These days, other people can do the work for you!

Never has it been as easy as it is to start a website or blog as it is now. There are multitudes of products available to create anything from a simple web page to a blog, or a full blown content management system, and many of them are excellent (and more importantly FREE!)

Years ago when I was at University studying for a degree in Information Technology, I would design small websites for businesses as part of the Swinburne Graduate Research Program. They were pretty basic sites by today’s standards, took some hours to put together, and we charged $100/hr because no one else had the skills to do it!

Mind you, I am talking about websites that were built with frames, basic gif images and the only thing fancy was a contact us form that sent an email. That was all you needed for a small business back in 1996 (and come to think of it, pretty much all you need for a small business website now).

One website I did was for a local MP and I even met the then Premier, Jeff Kennett, as he was on hand to officially launch our website! And, LOL would you believe it, the same site is still there! (albeit with new pages, different colours etc), but thanks to me for the HTML frames structure which still lives on :)

So what has changed?


Marketworks Australia Offering Free Webinar

Marketworks in Australia are offering a free webinar this coming week.

The discussion will focus on growing a multi-channel business on eBay and other venues. Topics covered include :

  • What are the key opportunities and challenges of selling online?
  • What are the unique advantages of selling on eBay, a transactional website or other channels?
  • How should a business think about staffing and operating a successful multi-channel business?

The webinar is Tuesday 24th July, 2007 @ 2pm.

You can register for the webinar, and if the spaces are full you can still listen to the recording.

eBay. Loved and Loathed

Consumers are fascinated and intrigued by eBay. eBay sellers mention the website they sell on to possible suppliers, and supplirs go running in the other direction! When is it all going to change? Is it going to change at all?

Choosing a Great Domain Name Is Really Hard

I am starting a new website with a friend shortly. It will be based on a specific topic, and will be predominantly content based. I am having trouble choosing a good domain name for it.

The reason is that the topic is in a very competitive online market, and of course I would prefer a generic domain name.

I think some people rush into domain name choice and end up with something that isn’t all that suitable. Darren Rowse (from wrote a nice article about choosing domain names and highlighted some of his own lack of forethought in choosing the name for his digital camera review blog (the domain is

I am finding it difficult because:

  • I may have bigger plans for the site in future (not just a blog) so I need to think ahead with regards to a domain name. Therefore I don’t want a name that ends in ‘blog’, otherwise there are lots of ‘good’ domain names.
  • I want search engine benefits of having good SEO terms in the title
  • I want the name to be reasonably short and memorable
  • I want it to be topic central (not anything ‘different‘, not for this new site anyway)


What Is The Best Product To Sell On eBay?

Often I think the hardest thing about selling on eBay is selling on eBay! What do you sell? What is the best product to sell on eBay?

f you want to make a real business or income from your eBay sales, then it makes it that much easier to sell something that you have product knowledge about.

* What hobbies do you like?
* Do you have good knowledge about particular products?
* Do you WANT to learn about a particular product?

Start by narrowing down what product groups you would be happiest selling. It can be a broad range, don’t worry about details yet.

Then you need to start narrowing the range down. Write a list of the popular products and accessories in your ‘target’ areas and use the points below to make some decisions.

Below are my top 5 considerations when choosing the best product to sell on eBay, but I saved my top 3 for last. Read on!

Protect Your Business With a Trademark

Don’t get caught out. Plan a little bit. Choose your business name and your product names carefully. You want to find a name that isn’t trademarked (or if it is trademarked, not in your business area).