Looking ahead at retail for 2009…

I have been spending a little time this week thinking about 2009 and retail in general.

Although I haven’t been able to speak to too many other sellers recently the ones I have spoken to are hinting at the same issues.

  1. Prices are all going up, thanks to the current exchange rate (1 Australian dollar buys .71 USD as I write this)
  2. Margin pressure will increase as retailers (online and off) try to maintain sales levels and cashflow

Consumers may not often realise how much business capital is held up in orders of stock from Chinese factories for example. And often, orders are planned (and deposits paid) many months in advance.


Importing From China – Need Some Help?

Each day I answer emails about importing product from china. It seems that when you search in Google now for ‘Importing from china” my blog ranks pretty highly.

I have one particular buyer in China that I trust and have used for years now. He actively works with me and for me to source a few ranges of product, and I have successfully used him to source new products.

If you want to import product from China, and want to get in touch with a good agent over there to assist you, then by all means send me an email, and let me know:

  1. What you are looking to import
  2. How much of it you want to import
  3. Some detail on your existing business.

To put it simply I will see if you and my agent will be a good match, and if so I will be happy to forward some business to him.  Any extra business I can generate for him means better bargaining for myself! Win Win.

Sourcing/Importing From China – Which Method Is Best For You?

Canton FairWhen importing from China, you must decide how you want to deal with the Chinese. Do you want to find a Chinese buying agent to work on your behalf, or do you want to ‘skip’ the middle man and enquire directly with trading companies and factories yourself?

Ultimately, there are advantages to both, but also some pitfalls that can catch you out.

Importing from China is not often a simple task. Finding the right supplier(s) is one of the hardest things you will do for your importing business and the most crucial. Without a reliable trustworthy supplier sending you correctly manufactured products to your quality specification, on time and without issue, can be very important.

Here is a rundown on the options you may have when sourcing/importing product from China.


Could the product you sell injure someone?

c-tickv1.gifRecently there has been a big story worldwide about the recall thousands of toys by Mattel due to some safety concerns for some of their children’s toy range.

As a Importer, Wholesaler or Retailer it is your duty to ensure that the product you are selling complies with relevant safety mandates, or even if there is no mandate for a safety certification, as a good citizen and one that has to insure your business against risk (you do insure your business don’t you?) you should make sure your product is as safe as possible.

It isn’t easy to make sure your product complies sometimes, and in Australia it can be difficult to work out where to start.

So, where do you start?


11,000 containers on ONE ship?

Today I read about the Emma Maersk, a PS class container ship of the Maersk shipping company. It has a 5 storey high 14 cylinder engine producing over 100,000 horsepower, and can carry 11,000 x 20 foot containers.

What Is The Best Product To Sell On eBay?

Often I think the hardest thing about selling on eBay is selling on eBay! What do you sell? What is the best product to sell on eBay?

f you want to make a real business or income from your eBay sales, then it makes it that much easier to sell something that you have product knowledge about.

* What hobbies do you like?
* Do you have good knowledge about particular products?
* Do you WANT to learn about a particular product?

Start by narrowing down what product groups you would be happiest selling. It can be a broad range, don’t worry about details yet.

Then you need to start narrowing the range down. Write a list of the popular products and accessories in your ‘target’ areas and use the points below to make some decisions.

Below are my top 5 considerations when choosing the best product to sell on eBay, but I saved my top 3 for last. Read on!

Of Course Its Made in China!

Just about everything these days in made in China. Ok ok, don’t start flaming me for that comment.I admit some stuff is made in Thailand, Indonesia and India too…

My staff and I often get asked the question “Where is your product made?”.

We answer them each and every time “In China” and often add “… like just about everything else these days”.

But we add a little more than that…