Maxmind minFraud Discount Code (save 20%) – and help prevent online fraud!

We have been using the Maxmind minFraud service for a long time now, over 10 years. It is a cheap and effective service in preventing online fraud (costs as little as 1/2 cent per order to screen for fraud).

In the early days we built our own modules to use their API and screen web orders. And for a few years now we have been selling a Magento fraud prevention module that utilises their service. I remember the first day we installed the fraud module in one of our own Magento sites. We checked the most recent 5 previous orders, and one of them (that at first glance looked absolutely legitimate) proved to be fraudulent. So we saved $200 within the first 30 min of setup!

So, Maxmind’s minfraud service has been great for us. And they have been kind enough to do a promo code for us. This code link will work for anyone who wants to use their service, whether it be for fraud prevention, or GEOip databases. It will save you 20% on purchases.

Click here to activate.

(Sorry, code expired!)

Also, they have a service whereby you can report whether one of your orders was indeed fraudulent, which helps them to better improve their algorithms.

If you want some more info on fraud screening and prevention, check out this article:

Good luck!

Magento Fraud Detection Module Released Today.

3d-box2-websitenhJust a quick blog post to mark the launch of our first commercial Magento Module, the Magento Fraud Alert Module featuring MaxMind.

We had developed this for our eCommerce arm or the business to make it much easier to identify possibly fraudulent orders. Using the MaxMind minfraud services we check all available data about the order to determine a ‘fraud risk score’.

And we have managed to get a 20% discount for all new Maxmind minFraud service users, for your first purchase. So check out minFraud here!

This is then populated in the order view and order detail view for the customer service officer to look at.

It works great, has caught a lot of orders for us (some that we would have shipped, even IF our staff had looked over them).

We think for the small cost, it could really save some Magento store owners a ton of money!

Check it out here.

PS, as a special for my blog readers, use coupon code 15offx10 in checkout for a discount. First 10 readers only!

Magento Commerce online store performance

We have been using Magento Commerce for about 3 or 4 months now as a new online store platform for a few of our websites.

Magento is a new product, but already growing very quickly in users and features.

We are currently ChannelAdvisor customers and had been using the standard ChannelAdvisor store for some time. We took part in the beta test group for ChannelAdvisor premium stores (which look pretty good) but we have decided to use Magento Commerce instead.

Why did we do this? Well, there are a number of good reasons…

Most Online Fraud Attempts Are Easy To Spot, But What About The Rest?

Courtesy of <a href=Most online fraud is pretty easy to spot. And it seems most of the perpetrators must either be stupid, ignorant, or maybe both.

If you run an online store selling anything remotely valuable for the black market (like electronics, car parts, expensive hobby items etc) then you have no doubt received fraudulent orders from Indonesia, Russia, or Ghana. Fraudulent orders from Indonesia and orders from Ghana are the most common for us.

They are often accompanied with a message like this :

Dear sirs, please attempt to ship my items the fastest, charge my credit card and get me the gifts as soon as possible they are urgent!


John Port

Of course, these ones stand out. Along with the generic ‘hotmail’ email address and expensive items in the order they are the easy ones to pick.

But what about the fraudsters that aren’t as stupid? What about orders that don’t come from Ghana or Indonesia, for common items?

Over the past 9 years my business has seen lots of fraud attempts, some which has been quite clever. So how do you spot fraud and what tools are available to protect yourself?


Many eBay buyers simply don’t trust eBay sellers

Every now and again one of my staff tells me of a customer that has either emailed, called or written to us demanding their product be sent to them because we have ‘taken their money’ and not delivered a product to us.

Or, maybe more correctly, they don’t trust eBay themselves?