Where to spend your marketing, eBay or Adwords?

Would you be better off shifting your eBay spend towards Adwords? This is a question that many eBay sellers may never ask of themselves, but those with online stores should do the numbers!

There are a growing number of eBay sellers who do have their own online stores either of their own software and design, or provided to them by default if they are ChannelAdvisor or Marketworks users.

If you don’t have your own store, then I certainly recommend investigating it. Other sales channels add revenue to your business, and when you have other sales channels you don’t have all of your eggs in the one eBay basket. (more…)

eBay Listing Schedules – Can They be Intelligent?

My business partners and I often sit back and look at our business and find ways to streamline and add efficiency.

Automation using technology is very important for us and makes the best use of our skill sets. One of the reasons we switched to ChannelAdvisor was because of one of their listing schedule types, but more on that in a minute.

Here is the background to my quest for intelligent listing scheduling…

We used to use our own database of SKUs and eBay’s API to launch products, and retrieve sale data. Using this system we also created and managed all of our listing schedules. We built in our own logic to analyse past SKU performance using preset critieria such as listing and final value fees, and item costs to work out how many items we should be launching each day.

Our schedules were fairly simple though. Number of items, length of auction, start times etc. But we needed more.


Using Terapeak to Find The Best Time of Day to Sell on eBay

Recently I have been playing with some eBay research software called terapeak. It is essentially a data mining tool that eBay sellers (or buyers) can use to look at groups of data that might help them sell more product (or buy cheaper).

Recently I have been using it to do some analysis of auction end times and average selling prices by hour of day.

Terapeak is one of those products that can really shortcut a lot of manual labour. For example, it took me about 10 minutes to run some queries using its easy search interface to look at eBay auction finishing times in one of my categories. I found some interesting data!


What Is The Best Product To Sell On eBay?

Often I think the hardest thing about selling on eBay is selling on eBay! What do you sell? What is the best product to sell on eBay?

f you want to make a real business or income from your eBay sales, then it makes it that much easier to sell something that you have product knowledge about.

* What hobbies do you like?
* Do you have good knowledge about particular products?
* Do you WANT to learn about a particular product?

Start by narrowing down what product groups you would be happiest selling. It can be a broad range, don’t worry about details yet.

Then you need to start narrowing the range down. Write a list of the popular products and accessories in your ‘target’ areas and use the points below to make some decisions.

Below are my top 5 considerations when choosing the best product to sell on eBay, but I saved my top 3 for last. Read on!

More Great eBay Seller & Analysis Tools

Looking for a great list of eBay tools? Some of these links will help you analyze eBay competitors, others will help you work out the best listing times and strategies.

So, on to my new list of eBay tools :

I hope these tools and research utilities provide some usefulness to you!

If anyone has any more tools to suggest that I might have missed, please email me or comment. Thanks.

Taking Great Product Photos

Taking great product photos is often the key to great sales and conversion in ecommerce and online retail.

It simply AMAZES me how many (seemingly) professional/full time eBay sellers there are that have a good range of products, good turnover and good sales potential but TERRIBLE photos.

Improving our product photos made the single biggest improvement to the number of bids and sales amount of any other change that we made to our listings early on.

These days, as more and more people try to earn a living on eBay, you have to stand out.Do it by taking lots of good product photos! Back up your pics with good detailed descriptions and you have the 2 simplest ways to improve your earnings.

So how do you do it?