A Magento to eBay Extension

So, Magento to eBay extension. Now it’s a reality… I bet Magento users will be interested in this!

eBay has been a great platform for us, and so is Magento. Bringing them closer together is an interesting strategy, and for some of our websites, a Magento to eBay Extension would be great.

Being long time users of ChannelAdvisor software to manage our listings for mulitple accounts and countries, I think we have been able to make good use of our inventory and the few channels available to us in Australia.

Magento became our online store of choice about a year ago, and we have since become quite adept at Magento development.

And as times change, you naturally look at longer term solutions to problems, and we have started investigating a Magento to eBay connector that has recently been released. (more…)

Magento Fraud Detection Module Released Today.

3d-box2-websitenhJust a quick blog post to mark the launch of our first commercial Magento Module, the Magento Fraud Alert Module featuring MaxMind.

We had developed this for our eCommerce arm or the business to make it much easier to identify possibly fraudulent orders. Using the MaxMind minfraud services we check all available data about the order to determine a ‘fraud risk score’.

And we have managed to get a 20% discount for all new Maxmind minFraud service users, for your first purchase. So check out minFraud here!

This is then populated in the order view and order detail view for the customer service officer to look at.

It works great, has caught a lot of orders for us (some that we would have shipped, even IF our staff had looked over them).

We think for the small cost, it could really save some Magento store owners a ton of money!

Check it out here.

PS, as a special for my blog readers, use coupon code 15offx10 in checkout for a discount. First 10 readers only!

Automate Australia Post Click and Send International labels

Australia Post has just released Click and Send, and new way to print out international labels and customs declaration forms.

Previously international shipments were a real pain because of the handwritten customs forms and separate labels that needed to be printed.

Now at least Click and Send can print these forms for you (see their tour here), but what about getting all of your orders into the Click and Send system?

ReadytoShip Shipping AutomationOur ReadytoShip shipping automation product already supports output to the Click and Send system allowing you to bulk import international orders from your website into Click and Send to produce printed labels and customs forms in only a few clicks. Awesome!

For more info (and demonstation video), visit our ReadytoShip website!

Shipping Automation and our solution – ReadytoShip

ReadytoShip Shipping AutomationEarly on, ‘back in the old days’, our staff manually copied and pasted addresses for customer orders into shipping software packages or (*gasp*) hand wrote labels.

This was all fine and dandy until we started selling more than about 5 – 10 items per day.

Firstly, shipping started to take too much time in our day and secondly, staff were complaining about the boring job of writing out shipping labels!

So we decided to automate and we developed some software that would automatically correct all of our Australian addresses and import all of our orders into eParcel for shipping. This saved us a lot of time every day and a lot of errors. Not to mention the reduced amount of time spent resending items that were returned because of incorrect address (you could be amazed at how many customers type in their address incorrectly).

We assumed that lots of other sellers had made some sort of effort to develop similar software as it worked well for us and enabled us to process 100 or more orders per day with only a few staff. We could prepare and print 200 address labels in minutes.

But not many sellers do this, so ReadytoShip was born.

What does it do, and how does it help online sellers?