Hi there,

If you found this post, you are either looking for some cool custom reports to improve your Google Analytics use, or you found this page from a presentation that I have done.

Custom reports I found mostly on the excellent blog form Avinash Kaushik – Go read it!

Either way,enjoy!

(log in to your Analytics account, then install reports)

  • Good report for top Keyword analysis : Click here.
  • All Trafic Source end to end analysis (more in depth) : Click here.
  • Landing Pages Analysis : Click here.
  • Search performance report : Click here
    (apply ‘Non-paid Search traffic’ and ‘Paid Search Traffic’ filters to it)
  • Paditrack – check it out! Very cool tool for funnel analysis.


Some other reports that might be useful as you get more traffic to your site could be useful too