Well, it was an interesting evening following the events of Click Frenzy last night.

I was keen to see how much traffic they got, and it was obviously lots (2 million visitors?). Enough to bring their site to it’s knees in seconds.

I do feel for Grant and the guys at ClickFrenzy, and for the team at Ultraserve. I am sure they had some pretty serious systems in place (apparently designed to handle 1 million visitors), but it wasn’t enough. I can say from our own little Adwords experiments last night that the amount of people looking for ‘frenzy’ deals was truly massive (and glad to say with record traffic levels our main costumes site cruised along just fine!).

I was surprised to see they had used Magento for the site build though. Don’t get me wrong, Magento is great for merchandising, catalog management, extendability and integrations and customisations. But if someone came to me suggesting Magento be used for a static catalog of deals (no cart, checkout, customer login etc), to be visited by 1 million + shoppers, I don’t think I would suggest Magento. Although scalable, it has a weighty backend.

I also checked the source of the page, and there were a few small things that could still have been done to improve loading efficiency and speed for browsers. Little things add up when you are trying to serve content to over a million visitors…

In any case, what really surprised me was the demand from Aussie shoppers looking for bargains. It was massive. And although the guys running the event would have had a sleepless night, everyone in the industry has learned a thing or two from it.

So, next year, although we may not take part in the actual clickfrenzy website, I think we (along with countless others) will make this Tuesday and Wednesday a ‘Frenzy’ sale day (if the term ‘Frenzy isn’t trademarked by then).

Until then, buy a Santa suit.