Been a while since I posted anything. But that is only because business has been busy, which is a good thing!

I thought I would highlight a small event coming up called “Spend A Day With Internet Retailing Masters!”¬†organised by a good friend of mine (and co-founder of Mark Freidin.

On Thursday 2nd August Mark has organised a full day designed to give smaller and growing online retailers personal access to myself, Mark Freidin (Ex COO of Catch of the Day), Wai Hong Fong (former chieftan of and Jim Stewart (SEO guru).

See the link to the site for more information, but the entry fee of $295 covers food and drinks, and the whole day.

We will be presenting on a few broad topics, but the real bonus is that the event is limited by space and you will have plenty of time to answer questions and get advice from all of us about your individual business.

Oh, and you won’t get ‘sold’ anything on the day. No one is pushing an agenda. We are there to give solid advice and assistance that could be worth a huge amount to your business.

So please retweet and share, and check out the link here !