So, Magento to eBay extension. Now it’s a reality… I bet Magento users will be interested in this!

eBay has been a great platform for us, and so is Magento. Bringing them closer together is an interesting strategy, and for some of our websites, a Magento to eBay Extension would be great.

Being long time users of ChannelAdvisor software to manage our listings for mulitple accounts and countries, I think we have been able to make good use of our inventory and the few channels available to us in Australia.

Magento became our online store of choice about a year ago, and we have since become quite adept at Magento development.

And as times change, you naturally look at longer term solutions to problems, and we have started investigating a Magento to eBay connector that has recently been released.

It makes sense to centralise inventory control in your business. We know this, you know this. We develop connectors for clients (connecting inventory systems together, interfacing ChannelAdvisor, Magento etc) but ideally one central system would be best for us (and many of you too).

In our case, we have a separate storefront (Magento) and disparate invetntory on other systems like ChannelAdvisor. This presents it’s own issues. How much inventory should we assign to each channel? how should we keep them in sync, and how often?

These days the eBay marketplace is different too, with 50% or so of transactions being Buy It Now or Fixed Price sales. And in Australia with Store listings appearing in search results, many sellers are moving to a fixed price listing model.

A Magento to eBay extension like the one we are trialling keeps inventory in sync. So, my 10 widgets in the store are also available in my eBay store listing. If an eBay item sells, my Magento store inventory is reduced, and vice versa. eBay orders are imported into my Magento store, customer account created, and order processing happens in Magento.

Seamless, neat, simple. And good for customer acquisition. Only a few small bugs, but the extension is already proving pretty good in our testing.

So it looks like we might try it in production soon, and also help some of our Magento customers get onto it as well. It doesn’t offer the sophistication that ChannelAdvisor offers, but for those looking for a simpler integrated eBay – Magento, it could do the trick.