PeSA Sydney 2009 was a great event. A full attendee list of 300+ eBay sellers were there. Here is a brief summary of the event from my perspective. (for more info on the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance, click here).

Well, what a  great conference. PeSA conferences are usually a focused get together of like minded sellers, but this year the attitude that I received from sellers and attendees was just great, better than the year before I think.

My staff and I travelled up to man our sponsor booth ( and I had some PeSA responsbilities and a panel to MC as well. Sure was a busy few days but it was certainly worth it for us.

The ‘one on one’ sessions that some of the PeSA staff and I (and Jonathan Garris from had with attendees were well received I think. It can be tough to really give out a lot of advice in 15 min, its a good challenge!
Other notable events were the talk by John Lawson (twitter: @colderice) from on social marketing. Fantastic, and I think something really fresh for Australian sellers who are still probably a little old fashioned when it comes to marketing for their websites.
Some of John’s information, graphs and anecdotes were really great and helped relate a new marketing trend to the audience who seemed to love the presentation. We stirred up John the night before, telling him that his presentation had really been talked up and we were expecting great things, luckily he delivered.

The other sessions and speakers were also very good. I didn’t get to see much as I was usually busy at our booth, but the feedback I got from everyone was very positive. A special mention for eBay too. They released news about upcoming changes last month and their staff (particular mention to Deb Sharkey) were very approachable and talked at length with anyone that wanted to bend their ear.

The Casino night at the end of day one was a ripper too. Plenty of poker, blackjack and roulette and over $2,000 raised for the Shane Warne foundation. Even better, Meegan, my marketing manager, won 2 prizes for the day!

Day two was a tough one for me. Late drinks the night before, more ‘one on ones’ and a speaking engagement after lunch kept me busy. I got to chair a panel on 3rd Party Tools with a few other great guys in the industry, Matt Dougherty from ChannelAdvisor, John Attard from JJA-entertainment (representing AuctionBlox), Tony Johnson from My Online Business and Chris Dobson from Exalt Group. I hope we shared some good information to everyone, I had a few attendees come up and thank us later on for the session, so that is always rewarding.

And to cap it off we had a bunch of great new signups to ReadytoShip and I hope plenty more to come in the following week or two. It certainly isn’t a hard sell. We think it’s a great solution to a problem that nearly every growing seller has:  shipping!

Now I can look forward to another few days in Sydney next week on Tuesday and Wednesday for Online Retailer. With over 3,000 attendees this one will be pretty big. Maybe I will see you there!