SheepI had a short holiday to New Zealand the other week. A time to relax a little, spend some time with family and count sheep.

Recently my business life and thought process has been influenced a lot more by the consulting we do these days, and my Directshop business is getting more involved in consulting and development for online retailers so it is with this mindset that I start to view other businesses in the world.

I look, think, collect ideas and try to process these thoughts into something constructive to apply to my own business, or maybe yours.

I felt compelled to write a post about Jucy Car Rentals. they are a New Zealand car rental business that specialise in renting slightly older vehicles. I admire the model, and their marketing strategy is all about fun. Their promise seemed good…

My wife and I decided to use them in NZ because :

  • We were staying for 10 days and wanted to save a little money
  • We were happy driving something a few years older
  • We liked the website and the message

In all, it looked like a fun, progressive business with an aim to making us happy. Their message reminds me a little of the Virgin brand.

So, we browsed their website to find a vehicle. All good, it was nice to use, full of colour and says all the right things (quite literally – they play audio on their homepage – a feature on websites that I hate btw).


We made a booking, chose our insurance option, and they emailed us all the details and some helpful information.


We arrived in NZ, collected baggage and called the number to alert them that we needed to be picked up. They arrived and collected us, taking us to their hire premises a few km away.


I stood at the counter and waited. And waited some more. I watched 3 staff members hustle about the place, looking a little stressed. No smiles.

no tick…

The person in front got dealt with, I was next. Looking at the bubbly looking quotes on the walls and fun little catch-phrases, I prepared for a happy reception as a new customer. Nope. No smile, no effort.

no tick…

The staff unfortunately let down the promise. Maybe it was lack of direction from management? Maybe it was just the one day of the year they aren’t great? Maybe all Jucy outlets are like that? Maybe just this one?

The result is they most likely lost a future customer.

Does your business fulfill all it’s promises? Make sure it does!