, Australia’s largest online retailer has announced the acquisition of

I suspected we might see some form of consolidation in the online space this year, and there could be more to come in future, although the press release indicates that perhaps you need some special business qualities to encourage an acquisition to take place. I fear that there are too many copycat sites in the market that aren’t unique enough, or don’t have enough special qualities in their makeup to put themselves in a great position for future purchase.

In any case, here is the full press release (provided courtesy of Chris Hitchen of Getprice,

DEALSDIRECT.COM.AU ANNOUNCE STRATEGIC ACQUISITION OF DINOSAURDEALS.COM.AU, Australia’s number one online department store by web traffic (Hitwise), has
announced today the strategic acquisition of the online retailer,

Paul Greenberg, co founder of DealsDirect and head of business development, said he was delighted to
have struck the deal. “As the relatively young online retail industry in Australia develops, it is inevitable that
strategic alliances of like minded operators will take place” said Greenberg. Greenberg said he was always
attracted to the uniqueness and innovation by the Dinosaur Deals team. “Jonathan and Anthony Bass, the
founders of Dinosaur Deals, always took a unique and innovative approach to building their brand. Not
content with being an “also ran” they focused on building a unique identity and position in the market, this
is what appealed to us” said Greenberg. “Although we are of course a bigger business than Dinosaur Deals
we can continue to learn from the passion, innovation and nimbleness found in businesses like it” said
Greenberg. “Look at the recent acquisition of Zappos by Amazon in the USA, Jeff Bezos has stated
publicly that he wants to tap into the energy of the Zappos brand to enhance Amazon; makes sense” said

Similarly, the Bass brothers have always enjoyed the DealsDirect story “DealsDirect is a market leader in
Australian online retail” says Jonathan Bass, “they have built their brand through hard work, persistence
and innovation. We felt comfortable they would continue with the DinosaurDeals tradition of great value
and outstanding customer service.”

While details of the deal were not disclosed, Bass was clear on his strategy by saying “We love online
retail, and have built a vibrant brand and customer base, of close on 100,000 Australian shoppers, and the
journey has been an exciting one. We feel that there is good value in the deal with DealsDirect for both
parties and we know that our customers will be thrilled with the DealsDirect experience”. When asked what
Bass would do in the future, he said that “the business will continue with its core consumer electronics
distribution business”. Bass went on to say that “of course we are satisfied with the terms of the deal, and
just as importantly, are comfortable knowing that our customers, and strategic ideas will continue to be
serviced by DealsDirect and its management, and we wish them the best of luck for the future”. Bass also
pointed out that their distribution business, Bass Trading, will remain a key supplier to DealsDirect of
mobile telecommunication hardware and related consumer electronics produc