I have been using twitter for a little while.  I started using it for a few reasons. Mainly to see how it works (the dynamics of tweets, conversations, and the social aspects), and what can be done with it for personal and business reasons.

What better way to find out about it than start an account and see what happens?

So, I have posted in a variety of topics, not just business. I have about 120 followers now.

I noticed one really good use of Twitter the other day though, and wanted to share it.

I had recently found out about a friend from school (we were best friends in Primary School, but had drifted into other cliques in High School) who had committed suicide. I sometimes write on this blog about personal things and I decided I would ‘tweet’ this information on my twitter account.

I wrote

Just heard my best friend at primary school and friend through high school committed suicide. Hadn’t kept in touch at all. Still, very sad.

Soon after I had a direct message sent to me from an American association for suicide and prevention, simply offering condolence and hoping that I could offer the family some support.

What a fantastic way to get in touch with people in this situation. I could imagine other twitter users tweeting about many emotional issues, in various emotional states, and having well timed messages from support groups willing to help.

A very clever and effective use of twitter.