It strikes me that many website owners out there concerned with conversion rates don’t spend enough time understanding the visitors to our websites.

I have definitely been guilty of that. Maybe you are too?

eCommerce Conversion RatesIf you think about it, I am sure you would would agree with me too. We should spend more time really understanding our offerings and whether they align with what our visitors are looking for.

Why did that person spend so long adding items to a cart, starting checkout but disappear?!

If you could boost your conversion rate by 25%, what would that do for your bottom line?

Here are some simple questions for you then.

  1. Have you designed or made design changes to a site without looking at any empirical user experience data (heatmaps, clickmaps etc)?
  2. Have you made multiple changes to your website over a period of months, possibly clouding the ‘true’ conversion rate impact it made?
  3. Have you ever asked a real person, or a real user of your site to look at your website and tell you what they like or dislike?
  4. Have you ever run a poll or questionnaire to your email list or website users to ask their opinions?

We all know what its like, you spend most of your time head down bum up with a focus on products, marketing efforts like emails, Adwords etc, adding site features willy nilly.

What about the other side of the equation? What happens when visitors arrive.

Sure, your website looks good in your eyes. All of your items have descriptions and pics, your search works.

But improving your conversion rate relies on understanding your customer.

  • Do they want more pics? less?
  • Do they want a ‘fun’ site, or more tech info?
  • Why are they visiting your site?
  • Why are the buying?
  • Why are they not buying?
  • What might make them buy again?

There are lots of great tools out there to give you insight and help you make changes to your sites to test for improvements.

Maybe it is time you started looking at your customers, and helping them buy more from you?

Next week I will detail some of the tools that I have used to analyse customers, and what you could do to help you improve your website performance.