ReadytoShip Shipping AutomationEarly on, ‘back in the old days’, our staff manually copied and pasted addresses for customer orders into shipping software packages or (*gasp*) hand wrote labels.

This was all fine and dandy until we started selling more than about 5 – 10 items per day.

Firstly, shipping started to take too much time in our day and secondly, staff were complaining about the boring job of writing out shipping labels!

So we decided to automate and we developed some software that would automatically correct all of our Australian addresses and import all of our orders into eParcel for shipping. This saved us a lot of time every day and a lot of errors. Not to mention the reduced amount of time spent resending items that were returned because of incorrect address (you could be amazed at how many customers type in their address incorrectly).

We assumed that lots of other sellers had made some sort of effort to develop similar software as it worked well for us and enabled us to process 100 or more orders per day with only a few staff. We could prepare and print 200 address labels in minutes.

But not many sellers do this, so ReadytoShip was born.

What does it do, and how does it help online sellers?

Essentially, ReadytoShip does 2 things,

  1. Saves Time and money
  2. Reduces errors

How does it do these things?

Our product is designed to integrate and automate shipping in your sales process. Where possible we use APIs of online selling platforms and shipping carriers for seamless operation.

For example, ChannelAdvisor and eBay customers will see their orders appear in ReadytoShip within minutes, automatically and without any keystrokes or mouse clicks. Nice!

We provide a management console to let you view, sort and edit orders before shipping them.

We allow you to use multiple sales feeds to consolidate all of your orders, and we allow multiple carriers too.

We allow you to print fully customisable invoices and print picklists too.

Then you can load all of your orders into Australia Post’s eParcel, or Australian Air Express Freightmaster or other carriers with ease.

After you have shipped your items and manifested you then load the shipping data back into our application.

Then we can update all of your orders in ReadytoShip and in your sales channel (eBay etc) with tracking numbers for your customers.

The main ReadytoShip console page

The main ReadytoShip console page

What software does ReadytoShip support?

At the moment we natively support

  • eBay
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Marketworks,
  • osCommerce
  • X-Cart and
  • Magento Commerce

But it is easy for us to add the ability to talk to more stores, and more carriers too. In fact, for many of your reading this we will already be supporting many more sales platforms.

Where to now?

I am really excited by our product. We have a growing group of larger sellers using our software, each saving hours of time per day, and shipping thousands of consignments per week.

Now though we are launching the product for eBay sellers with improved, simple, competitive pricing.

I love the idea of helping people automate their business and it is the mantra of online sales. I get a kick out of helping sellers, and I already do some consulting on the side to do just this.

If you are interested in ReadytoShip you can click the logo or more information, pricing and to apply and set up an account online in minutes.