I want to see if Kontera or Infolinks context ads worked. Not just that though, I wanted to see if one service was better than the other and if the revenue was worth the potential complaints from site visitors reading our content.

So, how effective are they?


We installed Kontera on www.realestatesource.com.au and www.autospeed.com for a few days to look at CTR and relevancy of the ads. We then had a look at revenue generated.

Set up was instant and easy. And you could do some customisation of your link colour, where links appeared in your pages, and (by email request) change targeting (we didn’t do this).

Underline links appeared slowly (well after page loaded) and ads took a little while to load too.

Results : The news wasn’t so good. Many thousands of impressions, and average of 2c per click. Yes, thats right. 2c per click.

With Adsense I am used to a much healthier figure than that.

Also, context and relevance of ads for the terms highlighted didn’t seem great. For my Australian real estate news site I saw lots of US based advertisers. In contrast, Infolinks had more relevant local ads…

Verdict : We decided that even if Infolinks didn’t provide better results, we wouldn’t bother with Kontera. The relevance of the ads and the revenue per click just wasn’t good enough (for us)


Infolinks had a similar setup to Kontera, although it seemd slightly harder to optimise.

We could also tell Infolinks where to appear in content blocks on the page, and also limit the number of ads appearing on a page (max of 12).

Implementation was easy, underline ads appeared pretty quickly on page load, ‘pop up’ ads took about the same to load as Kontera – not blindingly quick.

Results : So far, CTR has been reasonable on the realestate site. Page CTR is about 2.7%. Page eCPM is about $1.20, well below Adsense. Earnings are about 4c per click currently, but performance has been increasing over the last few days. Maybe some optimisation/targeting is taking place?

Verdict : Infolinks is the winner for us at the moment, but we will have to decide on whether or not to look at a larger rollout on our websites.

But is 4c CPC worth it? I myself find those double underlines and pop up ads annoying, especially when there are lots on the page as I often seem to move my mouse over the accidentally.

I think for sites that offer users a registration or subscription you would definitely turn ads like these off, as they won’t boost the bottom line by that much, unless you are doing some serious page views.

Having said that, my realestate site currentl uses adsense for most of its revenue and Infolinks ads will boost my revenue by 10% should I leave them on there. That might be enough for me to leave them on there for a while at least…

Have you tried context based text link ads on your site?