I mentioned a appliance website some time ago in another post, talking about the slow adaptation of online sales in Australia by the large brick and morter incumbents.

www.bigbrownbox.com.au has been doing quite a lot of marketing and launched a little while ago. Initially when I browsed around it was extremely slow, but this seems to have been resolved.

I had my first ‘experience’ with it the other day, looking for a small upright freezer. With a young child now, my wife wants to start cooking some more meals and storing them!

In any case, I saw a freezer, stock was  advertised as being ‘low’, so I emailed to get an ETA (no phone number on site). The response was fast, 2 hours, but not what I was hoping for. ‘End of the month’ according to their supplier.

So really, they had NO stock.  Even though the price was excellent, including delivery (couldn’t get it cheaper anywhere) I didn’t order. I drove down to see my mate at The Good Guys and he did it for $3 more!

To really make that site a success, they have to either have the stock (and advertise that fact clearly) or tell you that it will be backordered in.

Oh, and I know this is a rarity (2 Youtube clips in one week!) but one f our employees here is handy with the home camera and editing suite and has entered a competition for Big Brown Box. The more people that watch this clip, the better his chance of winning.

So please watch!

Revenge of the Big Brown Box