Seems that eBay Australia is offering some ‘eligible’ sellers some funding to assist in the modification of their listings prior to June 17th to remove any payment methods that will be disallowed after this date.

I asked my TSAM (Top Seller Account Manager ) about it, but they did not know who was made eligible or how the amounts were calculated.

Cynics will view this as some sort of bribe, but I think given the policy changes on the 17th will impact sellers with large volumes of listings, an initiative like this will help.

I for one will find it hard to say no to an offer of assistance. We will have to change our listings anyway as we are not going to simply stop selling on eBay (like I hear many smaller sellers threatening to do).

eBay still makes up the majority of our sales (although this percentage continues to drop) so if the marketplace decides to throw some money our way to help us sell in their marketplace (by their rules) then I will take the offer thanks very much.

I haven’t heard of many sellers getting the offer, and I admit I was quite surprised to hear the spiel from my TSAM and the generous amount offered…