Trading Post launched their auctions 2 days ago now. Since then I have spoken to lots of sellers, from small to very large. What do they think fo Tradingpost Auctions so far? Will they list?

There are a number of Powersellers already listing hundreds of products. I haven’t heard of many sales yet, but there is some promise. We have manually listed a few items to test the water as well, and have received a good number of visits, watchers and bids too.

At the moment though, it is a bit of a painful process as TradingPosts’s TraderPro application is still being tweaked to work properly.

I installed Turbolister, exported some of our current listings from one of our eBay accounts, saved a Turbolister CSV and tried an import into TraderPro but that didn’t work. Frustrating! But I have been told that it will be fixed up soon.

ChannelAdvisor customers should have integration in the next 3 to 4 weeks (lets hope sooner) and then I think we will really see listing numbers grow substantially. I personally know a few customers who will be listing many thousands of SKUs (us included), so my guess is site listings could more than double in the next month or so, helping to attract a lot more buyers.

The initial speed issue seems to have resolved itself a little which is good too.

In any case, not one person has told me they won’t list on Trading Post. Australian online retailers have been crying out for some more options and they will certainly try it out. Even people who haven’t used the site for years have seemed impressed with its new appearance and search, so this is good news for sellers hoping the site will attract more buyers.

What are your thoughts as a seller or buyer?