A little while ago I received an email from the owners of bang4bucks.com.au. It is a new auction site with a view to growing quickly thanks to the ongoing frustrations sellers seem to be having with ebay.com.au.

It is still a small site, but with over 360 sellers registered the listings are building, and from what I can see browsing around, so are a few sales. Just looking at the clothing category I can see a eBay seller with about 4 or 5 items due to finish tomorrow with bids. In any case, it is a long and winding road to become a real competitor to eBay but they are getting some press and are off to a good start.

Bang4bucks.com.au uses a bulk lister tool which can import items from eBay’s Turbolister and they have some consistent marketing running at the moment in order to drive more traffic.

Still, it hasn’t taken long for listings like this to appear ‘VERSACE Sunglasses ? Not…but still so hot!’

Keyword spamming and other techniques that eBay deals with will be hurdles that any other auction site will have to face too.

The site is also run by Powersellers and ex-Powersellers apparently with a strong knowledge of the auction market. Apparently they kocked back interest in funding early on to ensure the site didn’t get too’ corporate’.

Good luck to them. It is always good to have a market with competition in it. Another player has entered the game, will more?

links :

Want to start your own auction site? (seems this software powers bang4bucks.com.au)