Of course it does.

Just look at my product ranges :)

No, seriously. These days nearly all of the world’s biggest brands, and indeed premium brands in apparel, electronics, furniture, kitchenware (and many more categories) either manufacture part or all of their ranges in Chinese factories.

Some companies employ the services of a number of factories but most of the world brands have built and control their own factories in China.

An incredible amount of product is made in China.

The reasons are pretty simple. China still has an extremely cheap labour supply. It will be a long time before there is a labour shortage, and basic farming income in China is dwarfed even by the factory labour rates (which, from what I know, having visited the country and factories a number of times) hover around the $100-$150USD per month range.

Also, China’s economy and skill base has been growing strongly for the past 2 decades. The Chinese are becoming the new Japanese of manufacturing.

Remember ‘Japanese’ products in the 70s ? (I don’t I am too young, but I have seen documentaries! :))

They had the reputation of inferior or lower quality items. But over time, Japan built skills, used technology and now produces some of the world’s best product. The Lexus ls460 won world car of the year. Way to go Toyota.

China is fast changing its reputation too. It may take longer with consumers (we still get asked often “Where are your guitars made?”, “Is this fishing reel made in China?” – ummm yes, like everything else..).

But manufacturers know the deal. You can great great quality product made at a great price. Its a matter of finding the right manufacturing partner over there (which can take time) but you can buy cheap or buy expensive. The choice is up to you.


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