Selling with multiple ebay accounts.

We sell with a number of different ebay accounts. Why? Well there are a number of reasons for us. But first, lets look at the reasons for other sellers out in the market to sell with multiple accounts

  1. Brand development – Sellers may wish to focus on one vertical at a time (sporting goods for instance) and build some brand and credibility in that area. This may be hard to do if you use one account to sell everything from BBQs to my little pony. So you may create different eBay accounts to sell in each of your market areas to build your brand.
  2. Self competition – This is an interesting one. I know of a number of high volume sellers in Australia that do this and it is an interesting idea. It goes like this : You enter a particular eBay market, and become one of the bigger players in that product range. You know there are buyers out there who for some reason choose not to buy from you. Maybe you look ‘too professional’ and they want to buy from a ‘private’ seller, maybe they don’t like your brand (they might have heard something bad, or not like the logo!), or maybe they just want some choice in who they buy from (you may well and truly dominate your category – if you do, well done!).
    Therefore you may look at establishing another eBay account, selling a similar mix of products, but using a different brand, and/or a much simpler template. In this way you could attract more buyers (and still market your main website to them in any correspondence)
  3. Defending your market position – Establishing your account (using our theory in point #2) may also help to ward off would be competitors. We all know eBay offers very low barrier to entry, and therefore you have relatively little protection, even if you have established yourself. So creating this other account selling more of the same product (and looking like a completely different seller to other competitors as well as customers) could well scare off these potential competitors from investing in your category as there are already at least (your) 2 big accounts selling in there.

Make sense? As I said, some of that is theory and I don’t know of anyone who has done any conclusive tests.

Do we do this? Well, I will say that we experiment with a number of different strategies from time to time. We do sell with different accounts in different categories using completely different brands. This has worked well for us, and I will talk about building a brand on eBay in due time (yes, it CAN be done and it CAN add value to your product sales!)

In my next post in this little series on using and managing multiple selling accounts I will talk about the technicalities. If you are at the stage where you think you need different accounts (and even quite small sellers could see the benefit in this) then you need to take a step in managing these accounts and maybe even invest a little in technology…